Zebra Junction

IF YOU TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN YOU WILL HEAR: Zebra Junction, both live and in the studio, melds together a deeply eclectic group of styles. They seamlessly move from funked-up bluegrass to drunken Tin Pan Alley ragtime; from the Celtic sounds of a whaling ship, to colorful electronic grooves, to effortless harmonies. This gutsy-rootsy, high energy power duo, with their creativity and unique repertoire, conjures up a fresh experience that takes the listener from living room to amphitheater.

The Junk Band Orchestra
aka The JBO


The Junk Band Orchestra is currently comprised of Shawn Palmer, Micah Lundy, Thomas Martin, and Cole Stucz. It is important to know that the band is comprised of Shawn’s music students who will come and go as they grow and their life circumstances change.

The JBO started out to prove that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make great music, both on stage and in the studio. Put another way, it’s more about the musician than the instruments they play.

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2009 Voted Best Jam Improv Band in Colorado
by the Westword Music Showcase

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