2009 Voted Best Jam Improv Band in Colorado
by Westword Music Showcase


ZEBRA JUNCTION IS A POWER DUO OF SEXTET PROPORTIONS. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Shawn Palmer (Flitz Alan) & Micah Lundy have recorded three studio albums. Working with a collection of rare, hybrid and homespun instruments, this power duo’s Vaudeville approach includes “creative” percussion, baritone guitars, and such unconventional instruments as the banjo-ukulele, a hyper-modified Playskool tape deck used for “scratch”, toy piano, and numerous samplers and effects to morph “old school” into “no school.”

IF TOM WAITS, TIM BURTON AND THE WHITE STRIPES BAKED A CAKE TOGETHER, it would taste and sound a lot like Zebra Junction!

IF YOU TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN YOU WILL HEAR: Zebra Junction, both live and in the studio, melds together a deeply eclectic group of styles. They seamlessly move from funked-up bluegrass to drunken Tin Pan Alley ragtime; from the Celtic sounds of a whaling ship, to colorful electronic grooves, to effortless harmonies. This gutsy-rootsy, high energy power duo, with their creativity and unique repertoire, conjures up a fresh experience that takes the listener from living room to amphitheater.

Previous to being named Best Jam Improv Band, the duo recorded a musical album, Josh Blue and the Hooligan Stew Revue, with Denver’s own comedy superstar and winner of Last Comic Standing, Josh Blue. This album includes a live performance with Blue at Red Rocks Amphitheater in front of a sold-out crowd! The album was featured in Josh Blue’s comedy specials aired on Bravo, ,Showtime, and Netflix. Soon after, Small H2O Blues from their Waterborne Album was featured on the hit HBO series True Blood.

Zebra Junction’s music was featured on BBC World in the documentary about PeaceJam which featured the Dalai Lama.


“This is fresh, exciting, and sonically vibrant. I am so excited to not only enjoy Waterborne, but to have had Zebra Junction play Red Rocks. This is a must have piece of art.” Erik Dyce- Red Rocks Amphitheatre

“They sounded even larger than their studio album…I was an active audience participant in a vaudeville spectacle, some sort of bewildering showcase of pure entertainment. Zebra Junction thrives on the adventure of live performance.” Erica Grossman Boulder Weekly (write-up on Fox Theater CD Release show of Pomme de Terre)

“Pure creative genius! I hope everyone loves Pomme De Terre as much as I do.” Gus Skinas Super Audio Studios (Mastering Engineer for 30th anniversary of Dark Side Of The Moon)


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