“Shawn is a gifted teacher who has instructed my 10 year-old son for the past three years – first on piano, then guitar. Our experience has been remarkable. Shawn captured my son’s interest early and quickly with his unique approach. There’s a lot of improv in it, instead of rote memorization. He truly teaches the enjoyment of playing. My son is learning to play an instrument, but is also learning to love the mystery of writing and collaborating in music. Sometimes his lesson is precise, perfecting or mastering a particular skill or piece, and sometimes it’s an all-out improvisational jam-fest. It’s always interesting, and my son always walks away having learned something he can’t wait to show me. Shawn’s winning approach results in my 10 year-old boy enjoying and loving his gift. Shawn has all the characteristics of a brilliant teacher – he’s a good listener, multifaceted musician and creative thinker – and his energy and enthusiasm is endless. I’m grateful to have found him to lead our son, by example, into what I know will be a rewarding lifetime of playing guitar.”

-Heather Quiroga

I find Shawn not only a knowledgeable and skilled teacher – but he projects a sense of enthusiasm for music that is infectious. It’s impossible to work with Shawn and not come away excited about the power and fun of playing music!

-Jim Moran DU Professor

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