I find Shawn not only a knowledgeable and skilled teacher – but he projects a sense of enthusiasm for music that is infectious. It’s impossible to work with Shawn and not come away excited about the power and fun of playing music!

Jim Moran DU Professor

Shawn Palmer has the unique ability to foster a love and appreciation of music in each of his students. Shawn is able to relate different musical styles and instruments in such a way that it simply feels easy for the student to make music. Our two children, with over 15 years combined taking lessons with Shawn, have had nothing but great experiences and have both developed a deep passion and love for music. I would highly recommend Shawn to teach anybody music, 5 stars!

(Joe’s children, Emery won the Swallow Hill Young Song-Writers grand prize for both best performance and song in 2012, and JoJo is a founding member of The Junk Band Orchestra AKA The JBO.)

Joe Wilkins III

Shawn Palmer began teaching guitar lessons to my son Garrett when he was  8 years old.  He really encouraged him to find his own path for the music he played. This non-cookie-cutter approach was key to developing what has been a passion for music that I’m sure will be with him for life. Shawn always encouraged him to be creative and find his own voice and style, which has helped him develop a talent not only for playing, but also for writing his own music.  He remains a predominant  musical influence in my son’s life.

Maryl Blackwell

…For the next seven years Shawn taught my son so much about music. There are two things that stand out for me about Shawn as a music teacher. First, he worked with Gus early on to evaluate his learning style. Shawn flexes his teaching to suit the needs and style of the student. And, he continues to do this over time as the student’s needs change. Second, he talked to Gus about the difference between being a guitar player and being a musician. That was a powerful message and it has stayed with him. Shawn is not only a teacher to his students, he’s a mentor and role model. I recommend him enthusiastically.


Sharon Nemechek

Shawn is a passionate, caring and visionary instructor and musical innovator. He is energized by helping others learn how to create music and express themselves, and by helping kids explore and develop their self-confidence and creative abilities. I have known Shawn for nearly five years as a student and friend, and he is a true professional in his craft. He knows how to bring the best out of students, whether they are kids or adults. His dedication to creating music, bringing others together to create music, and teaching songwriting, performance and recording has helped me improve my singing and songwriting and inspired me to expand my musical life.


David Sprunt

I have been taking music lessons from Shawn Palmer for almost  7 years, with a few breaks due to work constraints. I have enjoyed the journey, learning to improve my bass guitar techniques, along with venturing into learning new instruments like the harmonica, ukulele and of course my favorite, singing.

Shawn knows how to teach students of all ages, even old guys like me. He makes the learning experience enjoyable.He is professional, talented and patient, especially with my singing. I can not say enough about his ability to keep me motivated to keep learning.


Phil Cortese

When I first began taking guitar lessons, I was put on a path I imagine many beginners find themselves on; I was slowly learning how to read music, learning the chords to a few basic songs, and of course learning scales. But as much as I wanted to improve, I wasn’t motivated to really push myself until I ventured into the more creative realm of songwriting. This was about the time I started taking lessons with Shawn Palmer, and I imagine this made me an extremely lucky individual.

Shawn excels at bringing out the creative side of people. When it comes to making someone excited to explore the vast potential of musical creation, he is absolutely in his element, and his enthusiasm is infectious. For the 5 years I took lessons with Shawn, I was encouraged every time I saw him to continue exploring my own unique musical path. He encouraged me to be myself, while continually pushing me to expand exactly what that meant to me. I believe those early years were crucial for my musical development, and Shawn was right there the whole time, giving me exactly what I needed.

Now, nearly 6 years after I stopped taking lessons from Shawn, I have graduated from CU Boulder with a Bachelor’s in music composition. I have written works for many different types of ensembles, including string quartet, saxophone octet, and even full orchestra. I continue to perform all over Colorado as a guitarist and percussionist. Music is the single most important thing in my life, and though I can’t say any one person or event is responsible for the path I have taken, I can say that my time with Shawn was central in my early development and encouragement.

I am currently active in Shawn’s studio as a teaching assistant and session player, and I am grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend there. He still has much to teach me, and I still have much to learn. One thing is clear: he was, and continues to be, an undeniably positive influence on my life, musically and otherwise.


Kendall Burks

Shawn taught my 10-year-old son how to play drums, guitar, bass and vocals…and how to write his own songs. Henry was fortunate enough to play Red Rocks before Film On The Rocks with his band Voltage who Shawn also coached. But most importantly he taught Henry the love of creating and performing music.

Laura Berger

…for the past two years, I have learned more about music and musicianship than I had ever imagined. The relaxed atmosphere at your studio along with your expert teaching style has kept me focused on continuing my passion for learning to play not only one instrument, but many others.

The patience you show in your teaching style and the excellent skills which you exhibit in your own musicianship continue to encourage me to improve.

Thank you for all you have done for me!



Brady Banks

Shawn is like a mentor and collaborator, allowing students to express their creative individual style. He inspires students in a fun, positive, yet disciplined way and helps students to discover their unique style.


Brooke Martin

I really appreciate the learning and creative experiences  I have had over the years  with you as my teacher, producer and fellow musician. Your teaching skill and creative ability stimulates the learning and creative processes that exist within us all.  Thank you for helping me become a better musician.


David Day