Being mostly self-taught and having played a multitude of instruments from the age of five, I tend to teach students how to teach themselves. My deepest desire for each of my students is that they develop a lifetime love and passion for music. Ideally, that they will continue to self educate and engage creatively in music, long after their lessons are over.

After receiving my BA in education in 1994, I immediately started teaching private lessons on guitar and piano.  Meanwhile, my interest in music resulted in my being in numerous bands (classic R&B, country, bluegrass, swing, rock, americana, blues etc.). From 1999-2016, I lived in Denver Colorado where I recorded numerous studio albums and projects, from which selections have been used on HBO’s True Blood, Josh Blue’s BRAVO Comedy Special (currently on Netflix), and a PeaceJam documentary on BBC World. For 10 years I enjoyed touring the U.S. and Europe with my former band Zebra Junction.  One of our most memorable performances was playing for a sold-out crowd at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in 2007.

I’m currently living in Saint Malo France with my family and teaching music online full-time.



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