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From making instruments by hand, to using a looping pedal, to writing a song, Shawn’s unique creative approach to teaching informs every lesson with his students. He believes tapping into creativity from the first interaction with each student, serves several purposes. Students are immediately engaged by using their creativity as an outlet for expressing themselves versus trying to emulate someone else. Their confidence is built, which prepares them for choosing their own path in life.

We need to offer our youth and ourselves the practice of creativity to function and succeed in the fast paced technologically advancing new world – that is inhibited by the educational methods of the past. Shawn believes that in collaboration, the creative process brings to life a wealth of infinite possibilities that grows from within.

As an example of Shawn’s creative approach to teaching music, he designed a songwriting method known as Webster’s Wheel. An innovative tool for exercising and developing one’s creative skills. Webster’s Wheel shows students and their parents how easy it is to learn an instrument and master music theory by diving directly into the songwriting process.

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