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The Junk Band Orchestra is currently comprised of Shawn Palmer, Micah Lundy, Thomas Martin, and Cole Stucz. It is important to know that the band is comprised of Shawn’s music students who will come and go as they grow and their life circumstances change.

The JBO started out to prove that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make great music, both on stage and in the studio. Put another way, it’s more about the musician than the instruments they play.

In this band, using Webster’s Wheel, songwriting is the catalyst for getting youth hooked on music. The next phase will be getting people of ALL ages and abilities the opportunity to co-write and play music. Our ultimate goal is to get local musicians from within the community to step in and mentor.

The JBO builds their instruments from cheap parts and whatever is lying around and limits every building project to $25. On occasion, hand built instruments are switched up for commonly used instruments. Limitation sparks innovation!

The Junk Band Orchestra had the tremendous opportunity at Promoter Barry Fey’s (now deceased) local book signing, to share our hand made instruments. Barry was impressed and signed all of them.

In 2014, The JBO was invited to a private audition by the producers of America’s Got Talent. Though the band didn’t make the final cut, it was a blast to be asked!

The Junk Band Orchestra just finished recording 10 new original songs. It is their most creative and inspired album project to date! Click on the image below to hear it in its entirety and enjoy.


Listen To The JBO's Latest Album The Spin & Swirl Project!